Madam - Threesies on a two wheelerYou see amazing things on motorbikes here – or two wheelers as they’re known.

I’ve seen people carrying small palm trees, mattresses, several pigs.

And even one passenger sitting backwards clutching an office filing cabinet while shouting at this friend to go slower over the speed bumps. A wise move, as he was very precariously perched on that bike, and didn’t have a hand free to hold on…

His friend, of course, was driving along at the usual speed, chatting on his mobile phone and laughing wildly as he went over speed bumps.

Anyway, one of the things you see most often is many people squashed onto one bike.

This in itself is unusual in the west, after all a maximum of two would be the norm. But you often see three lads all squeezed together or whole families, with the mum riding side saddle clutching the baby in her lap and the oldest slid between her and their dad who’s driving, with the two year old perched on the gas tank; usually smiling broadly and kicking his legs.

I also once saw five small children trying to get on the same bicycle. The last one on was having a terrible time getting purchase and kept getting ejected off the end… if only they’d thought to take their back packs off they might have got all of them on there. But it did amuse me watching them try…

Now, a dear friend of mine pointed to three young men on a motorbike once and said to me, with the air of someone explaining the mysteries of the universe to me – ‘we call that threesies’.

Really? said I.

Yes, says he, everyone does it when they’re younger and more slim-line. Sometimes at college we’d try for ‘foursies’ but it usually didn’t work.

And if there were only two of you on the bike – is that called ‘twosies’? asked I.

He looked at me with wonder filled eyes, and murmured – but how did you know?

Just a luck guess, my friend. Just a lucky guess…


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