At the beginning of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, there are some awfully long opening credits.  It’s all tremendously funny.  First they are created by some Norwegians harping on about moose.  Then there is an interlude in the credits where we learn that those responsible have been sacked.

This is followed by a few glitches; then another interlude to say that more credit developers have been sacked.

Finally, the credits are completed with bright flashing colours by Tony and his band of renegade llamas.

It feels like that now.

Liz has gone on holiday (yes, a real holiday) – and she can’t manage to connect to the internet.  In garbled messages, she has communicated that there’ll be a delay in posting this week’s blog.  Those responsible have been sacked, of course.

But, not to worry, she is in a terribly fascinating place and upcoming posts will be certain to entertain.  In the meantime, you may enjoy catching up on older posts you may have missed.

Do check the best of the blog page for more foolishness.

This last minute substitution has been brought to you by Katie the Wonder Llama.