Madam - things you dont expect to see on a motorbikeSo I saw this foolish sight, last week as I whizzed off to see a client downtown.

To be honest, there was novelty simply to be moving fast enough in to perceive motion blur. Bangalore traffic is not really known for actual speed very often.

Anyway, I spotted this chap transporting friend and ladder in an unusually efficient manner.

Obviously not a safe manner, but efficient none the less.

And yes, that thing he’s wearing is an Indian ladder.

Personally, I find them spectacularly awkward to use, as the rungs are really widely spaced – which thinking about it, is a bit odd, as generally Indian men are not particularly long legged.

And while they are very stable – it doesn’t have the foldability of a the standard western step ladder.

Though to be fair, it’d have been a complete mare to get a folded A frame step ladder on a motorbike. I can only assume he’d have had to hold it side ways next to his and the drivers legs.

And you know he’d have done that too.

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