Madam nice neighbourhood but noisySecond in a series of things I won’t miss about India.

India is noisy.

Very noisy – there are dogs, and cars and temple festivals ALL the time. People live in noisy joint family houses and seem to not even hear the sound of each other shouting.

Unfortunate that, as I could. My god, I could hear everything.

My neighbours had a row every evening at 7.45pm between the young daughter of the house and the grandfather. Every sodding evening. And then at 9pm he went for a walk with her and they stood outside my (open) window talking. Loudly.

I’ve tried very hard not to, but I know far too much about her promotion prospects at work and whether or not Grandad is taking his heart meds at the moment (he’s often naughty on this, apparently we’re concerned).

I don’t want to know someone else’s habits this well. I spent years in London, privacy is vital there. It’s easy to go ten years and not even know your neighbours names, let alone the ins and outs of their personal lives like this.

Yet in India, not only do people live cheek by jowl like this – they seem utterly oblivious to the deafening nature of the noise they create.

I have very keen hearing, but even if you were half deaf you’d have to work hard not to hear this stuff. And this isn’t some cheap neighbourhood with housing stuffed in on top of each other, this is pretty ritzy and fairly spread out. But still they persisted in living their lives at full volume with no regard for the neighbours. They’re not bad people, they’re just oblivious.

How does an entire half a continent wilfully learn to not hear things?

I suppose it’s quite an interesting talent. When you’re not living next to it.


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