So two weeks back with Signage Sunday, we went into a bit more depth with the meaning of the sign.

We probed lightly into Tibetan politics to considering the larger issues.

This week, not so much.

This is simply a sign, that taken out of context and given a western knowing look, amused me.

Yes I know, I’m shallow.

I saw this sign in Sri Lanka, where ‘Munchee’ are a popular and much advertised biscuit brand.

And seeing as there is such a strong link between biscuit snacks and pothead cravings… well the innocence of it all amused me.

I do love Sri Lanka – in so many ways very knowing, in others, like this so sweet.

Next week, I’ve got another corker for you, so let’s bask in the simplicity of this one.


Part of my series of ‘Signage Sundays’. I’m slightly obsessed with signage.

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