Madam : the view from the office at BasuntiSo, it’s been a little while since I inflicted the beautiful view from where I’m working, but this is too beautiful not to share. I’ve come on yoga retreat up to the foothills of the Himalayas, at an idyllic spot called Basunti. We’re on a huge damned lake (that’s a lake with a damn, not a lake damned by the gods). And there’s water almost all around us. And that makes my Bangalore land locked heart sing. Well that and the wonderful yoga – I’m here to do four hours of yoga every day this week with the lovely Su Sareen. She teaches a wonderful form of Scaravelli which leaves me clear and serene, as well as longer and with more space round my spine. Of course, I’m still doing a chunk of work each day, but life is good being able to indulge in yogaholic ways at the same time. And breaaaaaathe… -:–:-

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