View from the office 13 janSo I didn’t think I’d have very good internet connection here – and was planning a whole week offline.

That’s quite unnerving for someone like me – my entire work and personal life is online. All of my clients, and almost all of my friendships, live inside my laptop. I even use skype with my pals in Bangalore, as the traffic is so crazy that taking the two hours each way into town sometimes isn’t possible when I’m busy.

And I am a smidge busy at the moment as I’m beavering away on new content for my shiny new online career course and lots of free stuff to give you, my lovely readers. So being offline was quite a good idea so I could focus on it.

But there’s reasonable hotel wifi here – and the hotel itself is just stunning. I’ll show you more of that on Wednesday (I really must get on with actually writing things today). So just stopping by to share the view from todays office, the hotel bar with it’s view of the blue of the Andaman Sea.

Do I get extra points for the fact I’ve spent time on both sides of this sea?

Yes, Liz you do. Well, till someone from wet Britain or freezing North America comes and beats your head in with your next fruity…

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