Madam - chicken shack

Now this weeks Signage Sunday, is a very common site.

The chicken shack sign.

Not as you might imagine, a place you can get a fried chicken sandwich or something already cooked.

No this is further up the cooking process than that (or do I mean down…).

Anyway, what this place is purveying – and what the sign is clearly indicating to those in the know, is that here you can buy fresh chickens.

The poor things are kept in frightful conditions, couped up all day and in tiny little cages that they can’t stand up in. And the whole thing often reeks to high heaven of chicken droppings. Vile.

Careful my vegetarianism is showing…

So sometimes there is a pile of sad looking chickens in cages outside – and sometimes that’s all round the back and you can see instead this cheerful little sign.

It’s not always the same – they’re hand painted. But as you travel in a particular area, you get the feeling that there’s a local chicken sign man that has been doing the rounds. He has a personal style – a Picasso of the chicken sign so to speak. Well more of a Norman Rockwell I suppose. But I digress.

Anyway, this is a Keralan sign from a few years back that my pal took. She was particularly taken with his jaunty wing and how it might even be indicating the emporium in which you could buy your chicken right now.

Or of course, it’s no more than an accident as the other wing’s a bit clumsy. But either way, it’s got a fabulous air. Such a shame you don’t see these signs quite as well done, quite as often in Bangalore


Part of our series of ‘Signage Sundays’. I’m slightly obsessed with signage in this country.

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