Madam let me tell you one thing - The school run - Bangalore styleNow this is a sight you get very used to in India, and one I’ve talked about often: many people on a motorbike.

But when it’s a family with children it still makes me look twice.

As you can see, we’ve got the classic of only the driver wearing a helmet.

You’ll note that the kids have balaclavas on, so that their tender ears aren’t bothered by the swift breeze of whizzing along at 40 miles an hour without the protection of safety equipment.

There’s a strange bit of double thing for you, ‘come on little one, put your woolies on so that you don’t catch cold. We want you to be safe and well.’

But not enough to actually protect them from instant death on the road of course…

For bonus points, we’re also featuring the small child balanced on the petrol tank.

This is so they can get a good view of the oncoming traffic rather than being squashed in between mum and dad. And of course it frees up space so a few more people can be squashed on the back seat.

Often it’s a very small child right at front – happy as Larry – a foot on each handlebar and a huge grin. A younger sibling will be in the squashed position between mum and dad.

That said though, the youngster at the front is rarely the youngest on board. There’s usually a tiny tot balanced on mum’s lap. Usually rather casually balanced at that, with the sort of nonchalance that has often caused me to be careless and spill drinks at home.

That sort of casualness certainly causes me concern when I see it on a motorbike.

Considering all this – this lot seem fairly safety conscious.



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