The Retiring roomNow, continuing the theme of signs I know and love.

I saw this one in Alleppey station probably three years back. But I’m sure it’s still there – things don’t change that quickly in Alleppey. It’s a sleepy little town in the south of Kerala. Rather lovely and laid back as it’s the gateway to the backwaters – and has the general feeling of time having stood still sometime in the 1950s.

I’m fairly sure that the last time I shot through the station looking for an auto ahead of the crowd off the express train, that I took a moment to clock this rather delightful image of a man so retired at the station that he’s loafing about on a bed with a book. A book!

And it being India – sleepy doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a huge crowd off that train… and in the moments  I took to be charmed by the sign again, an old lady banged me in the knee and shoved me out the way. No one gets in the way of old ladies in this country.

Or a crowd moving with purpose.

But I digress from the lovely nature of this sign. Again the graphic is clear – and I like the fact it conjures up an image of a relaxed little world up there.

I’m sure it’s nothing like that – all tired people waiting for the 3am train coughing and hacking at each other – but it’s a lovely spot of signage if nothing else.


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