Madam - India at the end of my roadThis is at the top of my road.

And for the sharp eyed amongst you, you’ll be able to see that this one snap covers most of modern India in one go.

First we’ve got the lovely modern, shiny new car… wedged between two free range cows.

To the left of the pic is a rubbish tip which has just sprung up for no reason other than convenience. You’ll note it’s on fire. There’s often rubbish burning there, usually done as a kind service I think, to keep the place tidy. But of course, there’s lots of plastic rubbish, so it’s usually releasing clouds of toxic petrochemical carbons. Nice.

And then just at the top right – there’s a chap who looks like the typical Bangalore IT worker. And what is he doing, I hear you ask?

Well, he’s clutching a smart phone and he’s about to urinate against the nearest wall. Not so nice. But very common.

And there you have modern India, a confusing and pungent mix of the modern, the ancient and the potentially toxic.

Sweeping statement? Of course, but also entirely true…


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