Madam - painted wall near the siteThis is the third part of a three part post

The evening after they bulldozed the trees next door, I was very upset. I missed those trees horribly.

And I wasn’t the only one, at dusk the birds didn’t know where to roost that night. They flew in distressed circles looking for the missing trees.

Worse, the next morning they came and sat on the felled trees on the ground.

Mind you I only noticed this was happening because the awful sound of the bore well drilling would disturb them, and they’d rise up as a great flock from a supine trees. Awful.

The drilling was deafening, the clearing of the drill bit even worse, it went on for four days and I heard not a single bird call during that time.

I’m going to have to move. I couldn’t work, I couldn’t make calls, I couldn’t sleep, I almost couldn’t think. And as I work from home talking to people on skype… well this just isn’t going to fly.

My landlord was no help – I asked for a rent reduction. Predictably he said no. Indian landlords generally aren’t that interested in tenants needs for silence – and often I’ve found landlords would rather have their place stand empty than reduce the rent to have someone living in it. Most odd.

I’d hoped the builders might run out of money. It seems to often happen after they’ve ripped everything up; there follows a protracted stillness. I suspect, though do not know for certain, that there are payments made when you break ground – so that there is a push for that, and not for actually finishing things.

But they’re not showing signs of running out of money. Although it’s been much quieter since the bore well was finished, there are signs of them sticking around. The shiny JCBs are permanently on site, even if just parked up. There’s a security guard on permanent duty now and the gates have been oiled and stand open. They’ve even painted the wall outside, badly, but painted it all the same.

This is not a site that looks short of money. Which means it’s only a matter of time till I’m living back in construction hell again.

And if it’s not this site, the huge empty green lot across the road, that was a big corporate campus, has been sold and will eventually become a massive apartment block. So, this little idyll has had its time.

So I’m going to have to move.

But where to?

After all, there’s nothing really keeping me in Bangalore anymore…


This is part 3 of a 3 part post, but obviously this is story that’s going to run and run

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And if you’ve got any thoughts on sneaky tree death, do please share them below.