madam - rubbish trash collection in bangaloreSomething has gone wrong with the rubbish collections in Bangalore.

A few months back there was a whole major issue with the local government and the local council. Effectively there wasn’t a local leadership for a while – but it’s not something I’ve been particularly following to be honest.

But you could see the effects.

All over town rubbish piled up on street corners. And as it’s just warming up to summer, rats were out in force. Nice.

It’s been resolved in most places, but for some reason where I live, a bit out of town, you still see uncalled for piles of rubbish. I’m not sure if now they’ve just become regular dumping grounds, so they’re harder to get rid of, but it really does smell appalling going past them.

And of course, equally often you see cows grazing on them. Eew.

Madam let me tell you one thing - rubbish trash burning in bangaloreSometime people take it on themselves to tidy up a bit – which is good and possibly public spirited. However, what usually happens is a small fire to get rid of the waste. Yep, that’s right – burning plastics straight into the atmosphere. So it not only smells bad, but it’s even more polluting for the environment.


Actually thinking about it, you see a lot of small fires in India. On waste ground clearing ground for buildings, on burning rubbish, just shifting about for no reason at all in the distance. It’s become so I don’t always notice it. that’s not good.

One of the things that was lovely on my trip to Costa Rica – and what I love about Sri Lanka – is that you don’t see enormous piles of burning rubbish everywhere. Admittedly there are far fewer people in both countries, but it also feels as though there’s more recognition that tending the environment is necessary and not a luxury.

Particularly in Costa Rica, people know that tourists come to view their pristine country and enjoy the wildlife. So taking care of things, isn’t just pleasant, it helps everyone get more money. It would be a fine day when people and governments here realised the same could be true in India.

Well I can dream, eh?


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And of course as ever, do please comment below. What do you think is really going on with Bangalore rubbish removal?