Madam - new years resolutionI usually write these posts at least a few days in advance so I don’t have any stress on the day about getting it ready for you in time.

But I’ve been a little busy with sorting out things for Rethink Central and for emigrating.

For me 2014 is a year full of changes. Probably more than I can currently imagine. When you make big geographical shifts, it often brings big emotional clarity as well.

For instance, over the last few days, I’ve realised that my view of where I live is very different from most peoples.

Moving, travelling, where I call home:I have a very lose way of viewing those things. I’ve moved so often and, frankly, now so easily, that it’s really not a big thing for me to move to Canada.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s annoying logistics about it all. And as I have a home full of stuff, it’s much more complex than when I moved to LA with two bags and a plucky attitude as a 21 year old.

But that’s just paperwork. Or shipping and import duty, to be exact.

The actual nature of where I call home is related to having a place somewhere that has my things in it. Doesn’t really matter where it is – but a place I can think of as home. With that in place, I can keep moving almost indefinitely, long as I dip back into it, and bathe in the ‘home’ feeling now and again.

Technically for instance, I don’t actually live anywhere. Legally, I mean. My company is in the UK and that’s where I pay tax. But I spend so little time there I’m registered as ‘non-domiciled’. Which is fair, as I only spend about 6 weeks a year there, maybe 8 at the absolute outside.

But as far as India is concerned I don’t live here either. I’ve got a business visa that is based on the fact I live in the UK and never spend more than 180 days in India at anyone go.

That’s also fine and fair, as I usually go home to the UK for at least a week every three months or so. Or I go to Sri Lanka, or New York or… somewhere.

It is slightly odd not technically living anywhere. But constant movement makes me happy.

Which is helpful as I’m about to start a lot of travel. London, France, Costa Rica, Toronto…

It’s going to be fun, but man, there’s a lot of packing first. So forgive me if I’m a little spotty on the blogs the next few weeks, while I pack and sell and store my things.

More, much more, soon


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