The synapse nest sign

So I drive past this building regularly – it’s a rather scruffy residential building, just up the road from me.

And for reasons I cannot even imagine it is called the ‘Synapse Nest’.

What were they thinking – a nest of synapses?!

They’re obviously trying for some close and cosy link to brains. But a nest of synapses. That’s just a fairly disgusting image in itself.

I guess we’re in the IT hub of Bangalore, and Bangalore is itself the IT hub of India… which does require some sort of brains from all concerned. But all the same, a nest?

I think the most startling things about it all, is that if this is some sort of nest of synapses, it’s all a bit down at heel.

I’d like to think that any synapses of mine are in great condition and would be a shiny, sleek building – probably made of glass.

But most definitely not on a main road and looking god awful.

But then, I think this is just another victim of terrible names for housing complexes  I’ve mentioned before. Like the unfortunately named ‘Windmills of your mind‘…