Madam - still electric after all these yearsRight, we’ve talked about these pavement electricity stations before, but I just can’t get used to them.

This snarl of cables is at eye level.

Eye level!

And as if that’s not enough, if you look to the right of the pic, you can see the big scary red prongs of instant electrical death…

…are neatly housed in an old plastic bottle.

Yes, you read that correctly, not tucked safely out of the way behind a ‘danger of death’ sign. But actively hanging about at eye level in an old lemonade bottle.

That’s just not right.

Yes I realise they’re mostly cut off in this photo, but you’ll forgive me for huckling by these things at a swift trot and not risking electrocution by hanging about for full framing. Remiss I realise, but this reporter is frankly a coward.

I’ve always had a very healthy respect for electricity since I had an electric shock big enough to shoot me across a room when using my mothers ancient iron with the frayed electric chord. There I was 17 years old, a good 8 foot from where I had been standing, clutching the iron and sparking slightly round the edges, and smelling just a little bit charred… my mother rushed in and asked me in a very concerned voice, if I’d damaged the iron.

Incidentally, since then, I’ve decided to assume that was the shock speaking. Not only was she a very caring mother, she never liked that iron much.

Either way, I’ve been a bit edgy round being zapped by domestic appliances ever since.

And obviously there’s a tad more danger of out and out death with this sort of wayside power station with the scary red sticky out things just there on the street.

Anyway, dear reader, please excuse brevity this week. I start a lovely new project tomorrow and I’m still a bit short handed with staff. So I’ve been slack on getting you all the blogging goodies I have planned.

But there is some cracking stuff coming up – so stay tuned. There’s more videos, more signs, and generally more foolishness.

You know where you stand with the Madam blog, eh? It’s nothing if not consistently foolish…

PS: If you’re wondering what the PG on the sign stands for – here’s the answer.


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