Madam - socks and sandalsNow where I’m from, wearing socks and sandals is the ultimate fashion faux pas.

In fact, years ago a flat-mate and I had a code for it, so we could point it out to each other, right under the nose of the malefactor.

We’d hiss SAS and point with our eyes at the beardy weirdy in his socks and sandals. And then of course, fall about laughing.

Such are happy memories made of.

Incidentally, we also used to have the code, DOS – or dog on string. In Brixton, you are nothing, if you don’t have a dog on a string. Or if you’re very hip, a dog on a bit of climbing rope.  Oh yes, that really screams your free spirit identity to the world. Yet somehow my pal managed to live there for a month and never see a dog on a string.  Well not see that is, till I started pointing them out… DOS at 3 o’clock, right next to the crusty in the SAS, I would murmur (or occasionally text – I’m a modern wardrobe bitch). Followed by her head instantly swivelling to take in the marvel. But I digress…

Anyway, in India, you quite often see socks and sandals – or as rather fetchingly modelled by a colleague at Dreamworks above socks and flip flops. It looks more in your face and ‘check me out’, than socks and sandals in the UK.  Generally there, they’re all about bad fashion choices or complete lack of care. In India, they seem to be more about cold feet… or like here, a bold choice, strongly made.

Doesn’t look very comfy though, eh? All bunched up round the toes like that.

I carefully explained to him that were I’m from we laughed at such behaviour as young hip kids like himself never dressed this way. He nodded and smiled, like the polite chap he is, and then when I’d finished told me, ‘yes it’s the same here’.


But he very kindly posed for me to take this pic. And explained his mother laughed at his choice as well. In fact, not only posed, but left his work and got up and stood in nice lighting for me. Gosh, people are polite here.

So, I’ve been saving it till enough time has passed before exposing his eccentric wardrobe to the world. But those that know him will be able to pick him out just from the strong use of sock and dazzling combination of flip flop.

Quite something, eh?


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