Madam - kiss and goodbyeI saw this at Schipol airport on my way back from Amsterdam the other week.

Incidentally, Schipol is my favourite aiport anywhere. Is it poncy to have a favourite? Probably, but when you travel as much as I do, you really notice what makes a ‘good’ airport and what doesn’t.

Schipol has the easiest access from plane to train to town of any airport I have ever used. It is a joy and I wish they were all like this.

If you’re hand luggage only, you can be off the plane and on the train in about 10 minutes and in town fifteen minutes after that. Even if you get held up in a queue for passport control, it’s unlikely to be more than an hour after you land before you’re strolling past a canal and feeling marvellous.

But I digress. As always.

So, what took my eye about this sign, is that you would never see it in India.

There’s no public kissing, though lots of public affection here. And when someone goes to the airport, the whole family turns out. So the saying goodbye area is usually massive to accommodate all the aunties and cousins waving someone off back to the US for a few years or a tearful farewell to a beloved father going back to the gulf.

But in Amsterdam, it’s a happier, more casual affair. And I like it!

Not that anyone saw me off, I breezed straight past the sign and then had to breeze back to take this snap for you, gentle reader.

See I’m always thinking of you. Even when my mind could so easily have been on duty free. There’s selfless for you!


This is part of my series of ‘Signage Sundays’. I’m slightly obsessed with signage in this country.

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