So, this is a first for the blog – look a video Signage Sunday. Ooooh. There’s something special. See how well I treat you?

And this is rather ace in several ways – I filmed it at UB City which is a very fancy mall in Bangalore. Really very fancy, full of top of the range luxury brands and fancy restaurants in a sort of piazza.

So fancy in fact, that it’s often the culmination of tours for out of towners who gawk like the rubes up from the country they are (we cosmopolitan types titter into our cocktails at the aunties dressed up to the nines in their going out saris gawk at the fanciness).

The water feature gets particular attention as at night it’s lit up with pretty colours and the fact it rises straight from the pavement is pretty unusual here. There’s usually children playing in it (it’s hot after all), and Indians on a day out tend to get into the spirit of things – there’ll be an uncle in a silly hat and a child damp from playing in a water feature is quite normal.

However, obviously the UB city authorities have grown weary of this and have now put up this kill joy sign – actually in the fountain.

It says ‘This is a fountain, not a shower. Please enjoy it from outside’. And that particularly frosty wording has the air of foreign intervention – that’s not quite how Indian english would have phrased it – Enjoy from outside, would have been the pithier, but just as killjoy version.

Anyway, I wanted to share this fancy side of India with you – and also our very first video Signage Sunday. Not sure when the next one will be – there not being a lot of point videoing most signs. Them being by nature, rather static.

So, lets bask in this one, as we don’t know when the next one will be along…


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Found an ace sign? care to share – go on, slide it into the comments or send it to me in an email. I’d love to feature more signs from readers here…