Madam - focused dog wideDo you see the dog in this picture?

Little white dog, being very, very good and waiting for it’s owner to return.

It’s sitting directly in front of the door to the store, while tied to a bike stand.

Tied up, but there’s no danger of this dog wandering off – look at it – every ounce of it’s little being is focused on the person it loves.

It just wants them to come back and be there with them. It’s all it wants.

It didn’t blink or look to the side as I walked past – this was a dog on a mission.

Madam - focused dogPatently the only way it’s owner was returning was through the power of telepathy.

Such a good dog, and working so hard to be reunited with the one it loves. Kind of beautiful, kind of heartbreaking. Rather like so many love stories, eh?

Though I’m fairly sure this one had a happy ending, soon as that line at the till worked down a little


One final thought – can you even for a second imagine a cat doing this? Ha!  Obviously not.


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