Madam valentines Without you I fall sickOnce again I was stopped in my tracks by something in my local fancy supermarket.

I swear they follow me about in there just so they can see me reeling in shock at the stock. And then stare as I suppress mirth and whip out my camera.

But in this case, as you can see I was so shocked I couldn’t even get the picture in focus.

Because todays sign is topically themed round Valentine’s. And here we can quite clearly see a bear of the mawkish variety, grown ill from lack of it’s loved one. How do I know this? Because the legend reads:

Without you I fall sick.


But it gets better – the bear has a very modern thermometer to show it is feverish with… what? Loneliness?

Madam valentines Without you I fall sick CloseGod alone knows, to be honest. But what sort of co-dependent rubbish message is this to be putting out into the world?

I like it not, it irks me on all sorts of levels. I realise it’s a daft cushion and not designed to be used deeply as a metaphor, but it does sum up a very cheesy element of Indian culture.

There is sometimes a very soppy element to love here. I don’t know if it’s a spin off of so many people creating love in their relationships initially externally with the trappings such as this. Because marriage is arranged in many cases, so it’s only over time that they grow to love each other.

And of course, that’s almost the opposite of many Western relationships – where many people choose their partners and then slowly grow apart.

But whatever causes it – this fire risk waiting to happen pillow with the confusingly clingy message is a result.

I’m not keen. Just in case you weren’t picking up on that.


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