Madam Signage Sunday - I lot thinking for youIt’s a strange, but fairly common thing to see phrases or names on the back of cars here.

If it’s names, it’s probably on the back windscreen and is most likely the owners kids names.

There’s a lot of pride and family love of course, and being part of a ‘unit’ with kids is a good thing worth celebrating. But equally often there’s a jaunty slogan instead. Like this one.

However, jaunty it might be – grammatically correct English? Not so much.

Presumably we’re going for something on the line of ‘I like you and think well of you’. But it’s a bit generic, isn’t it?

Plus lets not forget, this is on the back of the car. Are you supposed to think the person who’s just overtaken you was secretly ‘lot thinking for you’ as they drove past?

Surely, that’s a bit creepy.

There’s also the capitalised ‘U’ and the ellipsis abuse. All wrong.

In fact the wrongitude is high in all this when you consider it’s only five words. Come, let us move on and never speak of this again.

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Found an ace sign? care to share – go on, slide it into the comments or send it to me in an email. I’d love to feature more signs from readers here…