Madam Signage Sunday The Finer DinerOk, Ok, I’m nearly out of these New York signs that amused me.

Just bear with me a little more and I’ll be done with these.

And why this one? I hear you cry.

Well, it just amused me. Finer Diner.

See that rhymes. And it’s silly.

And, as that does happen to be a really very fancy diner, it’s also true.

Yes, I know that’s a fairly slight reason to feature it in Signage Sunday… but as ever, much as I love you, I do refer you to the ‘my blog, my rules’ part of our relationship.

And if you’re still not getting the joy out of this sign. May I suggest you say it out loud. Finer. Diner.

See, doesn’t that feel fabulous?

Say it again. Go on. F-i-n-e-r D-i-n-e-r.

And with that I’ll wish you a lovely Sunday and be about my business.


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