Madam That's a beautiful (baboons) bumI saw this in a rather lovely gastro pub in London last time I was back.

There’s an awful lot I like about it.

First there’s the rather jaunty fact that there’s no real reason to have a baboon there at all.

It’s merely telling you that you can have endless topups on your hot beverages (which is sadly not a common thing in the UK).

So, first there is a baboon. Nice.

Next bottomless is pictured with a bottom. Equally nice.

And such a nice bum too – the illustration is beautifully done, which is always good.
Madam That's a beautiful (baboons) bum
But I particularly like the fact it’s been so very carefully water coloured. Technically that’s a really nice job.

I’ve been drawing again recently, and using a fair bit of water colour, so I can say for certain that if you’re going to paint the hindquarters and visible genitals of a baboon… then this is tip top job.

And how rarely you can say that in the modern world!

Carry on monkey illustrator, carry on.


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