Madam - that doesnt look like BalhamSo I saw this when I was at home in London a few weeks back.

These colourful flag type things were attached to a rather blank wall in the car park of a supermarket in Balham. Admittedly the fairly fancy supermarket, Waitrose, but I don’t think they put them there. They seem to be some sort of installation.

The library shares the same car park, so perhaps they’re a council initiative? Though I thought councils in London were so broke these days, that such things never happened any more.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they look lovely. And they sure cheer up a rather boring spot.

But with the stunning blue sky and the really bright colours… well it doesn’t look at all like London. There, much as I love the place, we’ve all got used to fairly drab colours or lots of shiny new looking things (I’m looking at you, the Shard and the Gherkin).

When I showed this pic to my pals in London a few days after I took it – to a man, they all assumed I’d taken the pic somewhere in Holland.

Sad, but we all assume that brightly coloured things that look good aren’t actually in London…

Anyway, where they came from and why ever they’re there: well done Balham! You made me smile.

And one would hope that was the point. Beautification of the scene as my set dressers in Kerala would have said. Quite so.

And did you notice how just at the end I brought the topic round to Indian English? Like what this blog is meant to be about…


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