Madam Shemrock nurserySo this sign upsets me on several levels, but mostly the spelling.

Why on earth would you spell shamrock – shemrock?

And indeed, why would you even mention shamrocks at all in India? It’s not like the stuff even grows here.

Apparently they’re a countrywide chain of nurseries, so it’s large enough that there’s no reason for it to be so mistaken about the spelling of the Irish national plant. Most odd.

Mind you if it’s big enough, I suppose they have brand recognition even with (or perhaps specially because of) their appalling spelling.

One thing I am sure of, is that most parents who take their kids there have no concept of what the shamrock even is, let alone how to spell it.

And why is the German word for children invoked as well?

I stood in slack jawed wonder outside the gate for sometime considering all this before I realised I might well be mistaken in my intent for lurking near a place of children and moved myself along.


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