Madam rollers skatingJust a quickie sign for you to day.

For once we’re returning more to the original theme of this blog. You may remember, that in theory I’m talking about the different uses of English over here. Rather than just my foolish life here.

I was visiting a potential new apartment recently as I’m flat hunting as I may have to move due to the building work.

My pal showed me a lovely apartment which was great but a bit dark for me. I work from home so I need a lot of light during the day.

As we left he also carefully pointed out the rather fabulous ‘rollers skating‘ sign.

Meaning, of course, don’t run over kids playing in the underground garage.

But how fabulous that plural in the middle of rollerskating is…


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Found an ace sign? care to share – go on, slide it into the comments or send it to me in an email. I’d love to feature more signs from readers here…