Madam the weather today from the TateJust a quickie for you today.

I spotted this on Saturday in London.

There are now large TV screens giving information at some tube stations (this one’s in Camden Town). There’s information from TimeOut the once great, and now free, London listing magazine.

And the weather forecast is rather fabulously sponsored by the Tate.

The Tate is a massive art gallery which is in lots of locations – two in London, Tate Modern and Tate Britain, as well as at least two other places in the UK – Liverpool and St Ives. And for all I know, it may have spread itself even further these days.

So you get a basic weather forecast and it’s matched up with one of their paintings.

Cool, eh?

And what a fabulous way to make paintings from the past utterly approachable and understandable quickly. Plus giving people a glimpse of their wider collection.

Personally, I think this is genius!


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