Madam - Bruno Ferrari chefRemember this annoying and sexist billboard from a few weeks back?

Well, it’s gone.

That’s right, brought down by popular outrage. Outrage triggered by this very blog. Who’d have thunk it?

Not that I was the cause of the actual toppling. No, no, my lovely client Namu Kini saw the blog, agreed it was outrageous and started a small revolution to have it removed.

She’s a pistol when needed is our Namu, and rather than shrug and think pffft as I did… she inspired a group of ladies we know to bombard the Marriott facebook page with disgust and outrage. Blogs were written, photos were taken. Disgust was expressed.

And within days… the board was gone and replaced with a much tamer one that basically says ‘Come eat in our restaurant, it’s rather nice’. I paraphrase, but you get the gist. No objectified women, no Ferraris. Bland in the extreme.

We did that. Or rather Namu, did and I stood at the back and said ‘yes, I agree’.

So there you go, once again the women of India impress the hell out of me.

Namu has a burgeoning media career – do check out her facebook page for her regular Conversations with Namu Kini series. Modesty forbids me pointing out I was an early guest. Oh yes, I don’t like to miss a trend.

And also while we’re talking about the amazing women of India – and really they are quite something when they get going – there was a debate with another blogger who entirely disagreed about whether the billboard was sexist or not. Fair enough, we all have our own opinions, of course.

As it happens, we’re in the same networking group, so know each other very vaguely… but here’s the thing, unlike any other country I know, after strongly disagreeing (very politely) with each other, we’ve become good friends. Brought together by disagreeing over gender politics. I say again, who’d have thunk it?

India is truly the politest of countries. How I will miss it.


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