Madam - confused sign closed upI know it shouldn’t, but somehow this sign sort of sums up India for me.

Large billboard signs are obviously modern things about selling product and moving up in the world.

The legend has been painted on bits of wood and positioned so that the sign reads clearly when it’s all put together in the right order.

But of course it’s not been put together correctly – it’s been rather hurridly put back together and now it’s completely confused and needs tons more work than if it had just been done correctly in the first place.

It might be a cheap gag to say that’s how an awful lot of things are done here. A great idea – rather badly executed for no real reason. It can make doing business here a tad trying to be honest.

Look this is a sister sign, downtown – this is how it should look:

Madam - how it should have been You’d think that once you’re reassembled a sign, you’d walk over to the other side of the street and take a look at it. Not just slap it back together and not bother.

Or worse, they may well have looked at it and thought – well there you go, that’s broken. But I wasn’t asked specifically to make the sign readable again afterwards, so it’s not my problem. I’ve done my job.

And I guess in a place where there are so many people, you need job creation. And my god there are many people doing jobs that have no earthly purpose other than to keep them off the streets as far as I can tell.


This sign is part of our regular series, Signage Sundays, where I indulge my obsession for all things sign related (and, I confess, occasionally, a few things that aren’t sign related – but it is mostly signs, and mostly Indian signs at that).

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