Madam - do not pluck flowersNot so much a silly sign for you this week – as a typical sign.

You see these, or similar in every park in India.

Occasionally, you see ‘Do not pluck the flowers or trees‘. For the more ambitious plucker amongst us, no doubt.

A pal showed me a pic of one of those recently, I must see if I can get a copy for you dear reader.

You’ll also note the plural on fruit. In India, fruit is always fruits. It used to snag my eye, now I find it sweet. And when I get home from travelling, and I’m offered a platter of fruits – I know I’m fully at home again.

But back to the plucking theme, I must say that whenever I’ve been in parks here I’ve seen people enthusiastically denuding the flora of flowers and leaves. It’s odd to my Western mind, as it was hammered into me as a child that there would be no plucking of anything. Not in public parks, not in private gardens, not in flower vases in homes.

Last week I saw a happy band of children and an older lady wandering down the quiet tree lined street by my house. They were all clutching huge and beautiful purple blooms that, judging by the snapped and ragged ends, had recently been pulled from a nearby tree.

My mother would have slapped seven kinds of nightmare out of me for even considering pulling things from trees, not actually encouraged the endeavour and made sure we all got a ‘fair’ share.

That of course would be the cultural difference in action, right there.


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