Madam - Signage Sunday odourless eggsAs you know, I spend a lot of time making cakes.

Not just for our cake books for Rethink and Not Got Much In – though that too.

I just like cake. A lot. I think, if it doesn’t sound too grand, that cake has cultural importance. Plus I think they’re like tiny little time machines (that’s intrigued you, eh? Read more about that on the Rethink blog)

And all this cake making activity means that I buy a lot of eggs. Cakes usually requiring a fair number of them – though I do also make raw and vegan cakes as well (it’s broad church in my kitchen).

In India, it can be a challenge to get clean sourced organic eggs. Either you can’t get them, or when you can, I’m suspicious as to exactly how organic they really are. After all, there’s no standard for organic farming and produce here, unlike the countries I usually get my organic produce from.

And chickens are kept in appalling conditions, quite often in horribly small and confining roadside cages. I’ll rant about those another time.

No today, we’re on signs. Or in this case, packaging.

Check out this pack of eggs. Odourless eggs, you’ll note.

And if you look round the rather blurry picture (sorry about that by the way, I was being furtive in the supermarket – they’re not keen in there, on me photographing the food for some reason) – but you’ll also notice a gratuitous use of text speak. UR – really? This is a high end premium product, and yet you can’t be bothered to write ‘you are’ on the box? Or is ‘ur’ meant to appear funky and modern? Let us not forget we are buying eggs here, not known for being funky and modern.

So, either way – it fails. Please desist with the text speak, if you happen to be an egg box manufacturer.

Anyway, back to the salient issue – odourless. Now I don’t know about you, but I have never bought a fresh egg and found it to have any smell at all. An off egg, most definitely – but a fresh one? No.

I do wonder if it actually means fresh. As a bad egg is an appalling thing.

But it might be to do with the fact that if you’re pure vegetarian here, you don’t eat eggs at all. So possibly people are a bit skittish around eggs in general. I know I’m veg (of the sort that eats eggs and milk – the Western sort) and I don’t like to have dead things in the house. Crab sticks in my kitchen make me cautious and unhappy. But that’s because they do actually reek.

Not so the blameless egg.

Eggs, due to their non-veg status are also kept in the special enclosed meat and fish areas of the supermarket too. I find it fairly harrowing going in there – to my sensitive vegetarian nose the place smells of death and blood and off fish. I scuttle in, holding my breath, grab some eggs and then dash out.

Aaah… and as I write this, I realise – perhaps that’s what it’s selling. That the eggs, might be in the dead things section with all it’s awful smells, but the eggs themselves are odourless. Ah ha.

Or not of course, I may simply be making all that up.

But either way – behold the weirdness of smell free eggs.


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