Madam Singage Sunday yaguthYoghurt is a very hard word to spell.

So much so, that in the US they’ve sensibly simplified the spelling to yogurt.

And for most people in India, English isn’t even their second language – it’s their third or fourth. Sixth even in many cases.

And personally, I’m both dyslexic and a bad speller.

But all the same, if a word doesn’t show up at all in the spell checker odds are you’ve not got the spelling even close.

Which is why this weeks Signage Sunday is this terrible mangling of the word to this: yaguth

If I didn’t know that’s what’s in lassi and shakes… I sure wouldn’t guess from that spelling. So wrong.

This is from my recent trip to Hampi by the way – many more of these to come. It was a land of slapdash spelling that was so wrong it was all kinds of charming. Brace yourselves.


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