Madam - Poo here - Signage Sunday in BrisbaneSo I may have lied to you in the title. Technically, this isn’t really a sign a reader sent in…

What this actually is, is a sign that I saw on my cousin’s Facebook feed and begged her to let me use for this slot. Being a kind soul, she agreed to let me share it with a wider audience.

She lives in Brisbane and was downtown looking for parking.

<---- This is what she was confronted with: the sign tells her both that there's no space - and that the situation is a bit, er... rubbish. Someone seriously didn't think through the consequences on this one, eh? Fabulous pic and kind of her to share. Readers do occasionally share their signs, I love it, so do please keep them coming.

And for those of you that aren’t familiar with the standard ‘P’ for parking sign: it’s usual to indicate how many spaces are in the parking garage.

Obviously there are Zero spaces here. And those numbers next to the P for parking causes the sign faux pas.


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Found an ace sign? care to share – go on, slide it into the comments or send it to me in an email. I’d love to feature more signs from readers if they’re of this sort of ridiculous quality.