Madam Signage Sunday no outside foodThis took me a while to get used to.

You see it everywhere in India.

No outside food.

At first it made me wonder if there was inside food. Or if outside food was food from a rubbish bin.

But obviously, you gentle reader, are quicker than I am. And are aware that it means food not bought on the premiss. You can’t bring your own food, but only eat what the restaurant provides.

Fair enough you’d think.

But it is so evident in so many places, that this really must be a real problem. What kind of person rolls into a restaurant and then gets out their own packed lunch and starts eating that?

If the frequency of the sign is anything to go by… many, many people, all over the country. It’d take some brass neck I reckon, but there you go.

Mind you, Indian people are great travellers and they do always have many people and much food and snacks with the party. So maybe they do roll into a place, order chai and then all get their own food out.

In which case, this sign, and it’s ‘strictly’, will be just the ticket to stop that kind of behaviour…


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