Madam - movie poster 2As I’ve already admitted, I don’t speak any of the local Indian languages.

Terrible, eh?

But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the utterly vicarious thrills of Bollywood movie posters.

You really don’t actually need to know the titles to have a reasonable guess at most action movies.Tough guy in a moustache, stand off between protagonists, mayhem in the background. So far, so like most Hollywood blockbusters. Except for the prevalence of moustaches of course.

That said though… what on earth is going on with this second one?

Patently it’s some kind of romance, but beyond that I really can’t fathom it.

Madam - movie posterI love the graphics style – the over the top images – the supersaturated colours – the mugging for the camera. Fabulous.

One of my French colleagues at my last work was besotted with the movie poster art form – in particular the many ways dead bodies and murderers with wild eyes were portrayed.

I’ll see if I can snap a few of those for you, dear reader, next time I’m out.

In the meantime, I leave you with a tough guy blowing up a bus of some sort and a dancing fool in love. Magic.


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