Madam - The Broom Monkey 555 seen in all it's glory in trafficAs you can see I saw this sign whilst sat in traffic – what you cannot see is the deeply confused look on my face.

The Monkey 555 Premium Broom baffles me.

Where is the connection to monkeys?

What makes it a premium broom?

Apparently it has a ‘mechanical grass locking system’. This would appear to be what we lay people, unaware of the high tech nature of whisk brooms would call… a screw.

Madam - monkey 555 broomYou’ll also note there’s been some heavy handed use of photoshop to curve off the end in a reasonably neat manner. But assuming it looks like every other whisk broom here, it will have long feathery grass tendrils coming off the end.

That would be the same grass that is mechanically locked in place.

Perhaps if the marketing team had spent a few more moments with their flipchart they might have come up with something less baffling, more saleable and considerably less stupid sounding.

Not that one wishes to appear pejorative about it or anything. Ahem.


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