Madam signage sunday matchu peachuI have a great love of appalling puns. The sort of cringey dad jokes that really make your toes curl.

So how could I not love this fabulous linking of the ‘super food’ ingredient Matcha, with the ancient Peruvian city?

I mean really, this is just downright inspired.

I think Matcha might even be from the Andes… so it’s a truly brilliant pairing of mindlessly unconnected words.

I just wish I’d been at the meeting where they came up with this. I’d have been crying with joy at being in at the birth of such a strong (and utterly pointless) pun.

I was so happy to see this sign, it actually stopped me in my tracks. I was one step away from stopping passersby and pointing it out to them…

But then I may get a bit over excited about signs.

Oh and I saw this in London, when I was there a few weeks back – well worth the trip for this moment alone in my opinion. Well, almost.


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