Madam live buffetVery quick sign for you this week.

I saw this in downtown Bangalore – and it stopped me in my tracks.

Just what exactly is a live buffet? And live desserts for that matter. It doesn’t sound good

I assume they mean that they keep it topped up with food, so it’s not just sat there all day festering in tepid temperatures?

Or do they mean that there’s live music that accompanies it?

Either way, there was a moment when it just made my mind go blank and best I could come up with was, huh?

And as we know that’s not a smart thing to do with your clients – as a confused mind doesn’t buy.

That’s why in marketing things are spelled out so clearly (click here, fill in this form for the discount). Without it, you’ve got some fool on the pavement stalled and thinking ‘what on earth is that about?’

And then they move on, without buying. So not such a smart sign.

Anyone who actually knows what this one means – then do please let me know in the comments below. Thank you!


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