Signage Sunday – the complete list

India can be confusingLike signs? Like foolishness?

Then you’re on the right page – here’s a handy place to find all those foolish Signage Sunday posts in one place.

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So first things first – my all time favourite sign. Ever.

Impatient on road, patient in hospital


And then here’s the ongoing Signage Sunday series – which also feature some utter corkers:

Indian Signs

Monkey says what
Odourless eggs?
Racy Ferrari cuts no mustard with me
Readers Signs : Really?
Italian Thali
Rollers Skating
Best name E-V-A-H
But I don’t want to…A girlish rabbit?
Would you let this man anywhere near your hair?
Board at own risk
Not even taken out of the packet…
Shemrock Nursery
Keep workers out of sight
It utterly terrified me
Two wheelers?
What is going on here?
Inconvenience is truly regretted
Instructions on how to ride the escalator
Does really that say bowel?
Please do not throw eatable in holy pool
Like us on Facebook
Where’s your sodding sign?
Alphabetically arranged
Not tedious, it is the easiest
Puzzled sign
Humorous jokes
It’s so very specific
Near organic eggs?!
No hair style
A taste of indian soil
This place for kids alone
The ubiquitous chicken
Shifted is the polite thing to say
Not made in China
Right turning traffic: we need to talk
Avoid honking
No bullocks on the highway
Writing and spoiling is punishable
Beware falling tiles
No discount on traffic rules
They follow lane discipline – why can’t you?
It helps breakdown…
The retiring room
The Synapse Nest
Do not pick the lotus
Jobs are a trap
Not so secure
India can be confusing…
Horn ok please
PG for gents. PG for ladies
He who litters opens evils door
In case of rash driving
Windmills of your mind

Overseas signs:

NYC : The Finer Diner
NYC : Burgers & Cupcakes
Does that really say rape?
NYC : An American Bar & Grill
NYC : Shalom Bombay
NYC : We sell boxes
London: Omellettes
London: Matchu Peachu
Brighton: Keep off the groynes
UK: What if the hokey cokey is what it’s all about?
London: This is not a brothel
London: That sure doesn’t look like Balham
Amsterdam: You don’t get that in India
Amsterdam Bringing back sexy since the 1700s
Signage Sunday out and about : book lovers never go to bed alone
Signage Sunday out and about – This could be your status
Signage Sunday out and about – brgr in NYC
Signage Sunday out and about – Get right with God
Signage Sunday out and about – Bent in NYC
Sri Lanka: There’s an untapped market here
UK: Normal for Norfolk
London, how I love you!

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