Madam - Keep workers out of sightRight, well this weeks Signage Sunday is something of an embarrassment to me.

I’ve been living in this particular complex for a couple of years now. It’s beautiful and very quiet. Now I work from home, I spend most of my time here and I appreciate both of those things more than ever.

Admittedly, I’m mostly inside, but I’m here all the same.

So, imagine my horror to be stopped by the security desk waiting for them to dig out some mail that arrived during my last trip… and as I stood there vaguely staring into space, I spotted this sign:

All workers shall access the residential unit through the basement and shall not be allowed to move around or access the premises from the ground floor

Ah. That would explain why you mostly don’t see the neighbours domestic servants.

And why if I do see them, they scuttle off looking guilty. Obviously, I’ll have spotted them above ground, when they should be moving about in the parking lot to get places.

Good god! I live in my own personal apartheid regime. Gads.

Worse still having discovered this, am I going to move?

No, I am not. It’s probably the same everywhere and more importantly, I’m leaving soon(ish), and really can’t be bothered.

So, let the maids arrive subterraneously. I shall sit about ignoring the situation as I have up till now. Though right enough that was ignorance… now it’s willfull ignoring. Which is probably a sin.

But if I know anything about India and rules written on bits of paper – I’ll bet that it’s almost entirely ignored, except when the head of security is there.

Good grief, I do feel fairly rubbish about it though…

Though, obviously not enough to actually put myself out about it in anyway. Ahem.


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