Madam Italian ThaliMadam Italian thali menuPlease forgive the quality of these photos.

You see, as I was taking them I was laughing so hard that it was tricky to concentrate.

Because, what is going on here at this fancy imported pizza joint in an upscale mall is rather fabulous.

You can get proper thin Italian pizzas – which in itself makes it special, as the standard Indian one is very thick doughy and remarkably like a bread hubcab.

But obviously if you have a group of people going out to eat, or having a snack at the mall – there might be a more traditionally minded person with you.

But never fear, Sbarro, have you covered. They’ve come up with an ‘Italian Thali’ plate.

A thali is a classic Indian mix of rice, two or three curries, a side dish or two and something sweet, plus extra pickles and accoutrements.

Here though you get something vaguely approaching risotto, some minestrone soup, god knows what else and some garlic bread. So basically, what you might normally order at an Italian place, but on a thali plate.

Ridiculous. But, also kind of genius at the same time.

I’d like to meet the marketing mind behind this concept. It’s wrong, but I bet it solved a lot of the ‘what on earth is my mother going to eat?’ conversations at the counter….


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