Madam - signage sunday it gives me nightmaresSo this isn’t specifically a sign, I do realise that.

But it is customer related. Yes I know that’s tenuous, but I refer you to the ‘my blog, my rules’ aspect of our relationship.

And anyway – look at it.

That manequin utterly terrifies me.

It looks barely human and very much like the sort of thing that comes alive in horror films and terrorises people.

When I saw this I instantly thought of those poltergeist movies in the eighties with the scary clown toy that came to life.

And whatever else this is surely not the sort of unpleasant associations you want people to be making when deciding if to be purchasing your fancy clothing line…

Come along children, nothing for us here.


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Have you been terified by a plastic figure? If so, then do please share your trauma in the comments below…