Madam Signage Sunday pencils for beautiful writing 2

So, more of a packaging sunday, than a signage issue for you this week.

I like to work in pencil, sharp pencil at that. And to be honest, here the pencils can be something less than top notch.

Sometimes, the lead has snapped inside the pencil and every time you sharpen, the lead simply slides out as you start working. Annoying.

So, what with one thing and another, I seem to spend a larger than normal amount of time perusing the pencil aisle of my local purveyor of writing materials.

Always time well spent actually – as somehow, it gives me a tiny peek at the schooling of Indian children. Who, I suspect, are asked to do a lot of work in pencil.

Dark pencil, judging from the number of 2b pencils on the market. Not that they’re called that often. No, they’re called ‘dark lead’. But as a wily pencil consumer, I know what they mean.

Now, this particular pack of pencils in the pic had me shrieking with laughter. Which is rather unfortunate as they already think I’m rather odd in that shop anyway – what with giggling and photographing things at the drop of a hat. But being unable to stand up from laughing so hard at pencils was something new.

Madam Signage Sunday pencils for beautiful writing 1What amused me here is three fold. First there was the ‘dark lead makes writing legible’. Which is true, except the lead is soft and the writing will be smudgy. So, probably not so much.

Next, there is ‘superior quality wood makes sharpening easy’ – which to me is basically openly admitting that most of the competition here is a bit crap and at the very least splintery low quality wood. But that is a benefit and is working towards good marketing.

But the bit that had me crying with laughter was ‘meets international quality standards’.

Oh yes, the well known International Pencil Standard that we all know so well in the West. The many times I’ve sat with friends decrying the substandard pencils here and how it would all be better if they complied with the International Pencil Standard…

And my life is filled full of this level of foolishness and trivia… and even I’ve never got that far down the pecking order of normal. Not least, as there is no sodding International quality standard.

That said – should you be in need of a pencil in this country – these are rather nice pencils.

Now, if this foolish post has put you in mind for more pencil related items – do check this lovely little short film about how to sharpen a pencil. It’s won awards and amused me muchly.


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