Madam - how to ride the escalatorsA simple sign from Trivandrum airport on how to ride the escalators.

Seems daft, till you consider that many people in India don’t live in big towns and have never had a chance to ride an escalator.

And once you start thinking of it like that… well they are a bit scary, eh?

Bangalore has a lot of big fancy malls, but they’re by no means all over the country. They’re in the big cities, not the small towns.

So you often see elderly parental types, particularly ladies of a mother or grandmother age, looking very edgy and nervous trying to step onto an escalator.

In fact, a pal told me he saw a lady of a certain age out with her family, just fall over as she got on one. As she was wearing a saree, my pal was envisioning a sort of Isadora Duncan kind of situation… sarees are 9 yards of cloth. That’s a huge amount of dangerous strangulation material right there.

Fortunately, the terrified lady was scooped up and rescued by the crowd that inevitably formed where she’d fallen.

How scary would that be if it happened to you? Flailing about at the base of an escalator whilst dressed in 9 yards of potential death trap…

It’d quite put you off – I bet she’s not a regular escalator rider now.


This sign is part of our regular series, Signage Sundays, where I indulge my obsession for all things sign related (and, I confess, occasionally, a few things that aren’t sign related – but it is mostly signs, and mostly Indian signs at that).

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