Madam Signage Sunday - Gods Hair SalonPlease meet curator of this months Signage Sunday, Katie Schenk – our lovely South Africa based, Rethink copywriter.

She’s a fabulous eye for quirk and this is the fourth of four posts from Katie.

In case you ever wondered, did God create hair salons and where does s/he go to for a cut, you now have the answers.

Well, almost and at the same time, not really at all.

This African beauty of a hair salon can be found on the way to Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa. (For the uninitiated, that’s like the Kruger, but on the other side of the country.)

As you would expect, you can find it along a dirt road and rather far from anything one might deem as civilization. So, of course, when my sister and I passed on the way into a game lodge, we vowed to snap a picture on the way back.

There are (just) a few disturbing things about this image.

What is going on here?First, what’s happening in the lower left hand corner?

Then you have to contend with the faded pictures of what appear to be black girls with straight hair, which not only baffles me as to why they’d want this (though I know it’s a thing), but whether this hair salon can provide those services.

After that, you really need to look at the hanging apostrophe after “God.” I’ve always assumed that it’s meant to read God’s, as though it was possessive. However, the more I consider it, the more likely it is that it’s a salon for God’hair, which would obviously be cool.

But, that still doesn’t answer my first question about what’s happening in the lower left corner of this picture.

Needless to say, we didn’t stay to find out. Neither one of us has God’hair.


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