Madam - signage sunday - get right with godAnother sign from my recent travels.

Sorry about the awful fuzzy picture on this one.

I was walking home in New York a little later than usual, and being hardwired not to draw attention to myself on city streets at night I didn’t want to get my fancy camera out. So I grabbed a quick pic  of the sign with my iphone.

Incidentally – curse you, Steve Jobs, for your cheap cameras on your oh so expensive phones.

But as so often, I digress.

What caught my eye here is that this large and, I must say, attractive sign in midtown, is saying ‘Get right with God’.

Now, who exactly is it aimed at?

Who is wandering down the street… at night, and might see this sign and think, hey – I should do that!?

Because, here’s the thing, the place it was attached to wasn’t open. It looked like a sort of hostel or support centre of some sort – though in a nice neighbourhood, so I’m not sure who it was supporting right then and there. Not that you can only have hostels in awful areas, but it is more traditional.

Anyway, you see the sign, you think – hey, that’s for me. And then there’s no way for you to get right with god right then and there.

So isn’t that actually plunging people into deep existensial despair for the night? Well religious despair, I suppose.

It seems a bit mean, on the whole.

Mind you apart from that side of things, I actually just really like the sign. I reminds me of those beautiful neon sculptures Bruce Nauman did in the eighties. But that might just be my art school training showing. Ahem.


This sign is part of the ongoing series Signage Sundays. It’s about signs – but you got that bit, right?

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