Madam - everything is going to be ok

I wanted to say thank you to the many people who mailed me after Wednesday’s post.

I was saying that I’d had a bit of a rubbish week and many people not only were very kind about that – but even kinder to share the things they’re struggling with. Some big stuff.

Makes me being a bit limp about moving countries really rather trivial.

You’re very kind to take the time and very kind to even take a few minutes to read the foolish things I share. How nice you are!

So, in honour of that – and the fact I’m so jet lagged, it’s a wonder I’m not meeting myself coming back… here’s just a small enjoinder I saw on a notebook in Brighton. I have something of a stationary fetish – I do love a good notebook. But I’ve had to cut right back since needing to make my bags as sleek and lithe as possible (well as sleek and lithe as weighing exactly 23kilos can make you.

This jolly notebook really took my eye – but sadly I couldn’t actually take it with me. But it is with joy that I share it’s jaunty graphic:

Everything is going to be ok.

And really, it is.

I’ll love Canada, and things will be generally all round fine in your life too. They always are. And if not fine, ok. And ok is really fine in the long run…

More soon – when my brain catches up with my body. Which I hope will be very soon.


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