Madam Signage Sunday Durian AirportThis is from Phuket Airport. I was there about a month back sorting out my visa for India and working on the filming for my Career Course.

So as I stood there slack jawed waiting to check in (business class you’ll note, not that I actually flew business class, but I like to check in where I can) I was bewitched by the what you could and couldn’t take on the flight.

In the pic you can see a durian. A large and unpleasant smelling spiky fruit, much beloved in Asian countries. It must be one hell of an acquired taste, as generally speaking to the Western palate, it smells of vomit.

No, really I’m not pejorative – it really does smell exactly like that.

Yet, open a packet of durian flavoured biscuits most countries in Asia and you’ll be knocked down in the rush of your local colleagues wanting some. Most odd.

But not as odd as the other thing that was on the sign. You can see from the slightly blurry picture that there was something about guns.

But not what you expect – it wasn’t saying you couldn’t take guns on the flight.

Madam Signage Sunday Guns at the airportNo, it said, if you’d like to take your gun on the flight – you had to speak to a member of staff first.


How can it be ok to take a gun if you’ve got your chit signed, but not ok to travel with a fruit that smells of vom?

Baffled, was how I looked most of the time I was in that line.

It got weirder as they had a super fast way to get you from the business class check in to the lounge, but I shall save that for another day. Because I know your mind is still back there wondering about guns.

Or even still wondering if durian can really taste that bad. Yes, yes it can.

And it smells worse.


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