Madam - dont pollute itSomething new – please meet curator of this months Signage Sunday Aurelia Zoss. 

This is the first of four posts from Aurelia.

Back home, people started having a plastic phobia a couple of years ago.

The plasticizers that enter the liquid content of plastic bottles are not particularly healthy, and if the plastic is exposed to the sun, the situation probably gets worse.

But – living in India you have little choice. The filtered water comes in plastic containers, and you carry around plastic bottles with water to survive the heat.

So, what to do?

Madam - dont pollute itWhen I went for a weekend trip to Gokarna (a great alternative to Goa), I found this little fountain with fresh drinking water, right from the mountain. I was assured by locals that it’s clean drinking water.

Next to the little fountain, there was this sign that says:

LET YOU WILL BE BLESSED BY LORD SHREERAMA. It is a Holy place. Please strictly maintain Holiness of this area. This natural water found to have many minerals it has the ability to care cartain illness. DON’T POLUTE IT.


This post introduces a curated month of Signage Sunday by Aurelia Zoss,  friend of Rethink Central and author of “India Unplugged“. The book is available on Amazon and it’s awfully good – do check it out.

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